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Village Reps

The Wynfield community Board of Directors and the Communications Committee are rejuvenating the important post of Village Representative. “Village Representative Teams”, rather than a single resident, will consist of several residents of each village who will be tasked with a number of responsibilities:

  • Provide content for the Wynfield Observer and deliver hardcopies quarterly to their villages
  • Assist with updating the community directory; deliver new directories
  • Inform residents of urgent news and alerts via email
  • Welcome new neighbors (welcome letter, directory, provide “New Neighbor Welcome Kit”)
  • Schedule and organize a yearly village social activity
  • Assist the Board and Communications Committee with special tasks such as surveys and community approvals

The benefits of this new Representation Team approach will be to:

  • Build a stronger sense of community between residents, volunteers, and board members
  • Rejuvenate and revitalize Wynfield resident participation and volunteering
  • Divide the workload between a larger number of people
  • Make it easier to volunteer and serve your community by taking on succinct responsibilities
  • Make it easier to find a replacement when you elect to move on from the post

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